Simplify Your Training Process

Axone is a powerful LMS that offers you full flexibility in creating and managing training courses.


Manage a Complete Learning Cycle

We’ve developed a modern and comprehensive LMS to help you create engaging learning experiences for your team. Axone is easy to implement and to use for both admins and users. It provides the right tools for creating the complete learning cycle, from designing and administrating a course, up until assessment and certification.

Assessment Efficiency

Axone’s unique feature is a fully automated online assessment centre. This feature allows all aspects of assessments, assignment submissions, corrections, marking and grading in one cohesive and fully automated solution. It grants huge time savings on administration as well as significantly more efficient use of your assessors.

Course Design

Create custom courses

Quickly design and create your own tailor-made course using Axone. Format your course using the following sections, such as course description, contact hours, learning hours, number of ECTS, mode of teaching, mode of assessment, syllabus/course structure, knowledge, skills gained and reading lists. Accrediting your course is simple, as the platform guides you on how to design a course to be in line with the European Qualifications Framework.

Upload and organise content

Axone enables you to upload, store and organise your tutor’s course content, such as training notes and power points, per course created. It also allows you to store and organise all your students’ learning material in the same manner. Additionally the LMS enables you to upload training videos, which enables you to train your users entirely online.


Create users & roles

In just a few steps, create and manage roles for different user types. Various roles can be set such as students, tutors, assessors and system administrators, according to your organisation’s course needs. The LMS allows you to input a wide range of data for each user including name, surname, DOB, ID, address, mobile, gender and project number. It also allows you to create additional custom fields to suit your needs.

Organise attendance records

Axone helps you to keep accurate attendance records. Track your course attendees and automatically create your attendance sheets. Additionally each sheet can be easily exported as a PDF document, displaying session details and using graphics you may need to include. These details are essential when the signatures of the course participants and that of the tutor are required for each session. The system allows you to mark who actually attended each session and will automatically calculate the attendance record of each participant and the percentage of the course they have completed.

Communicate with users

Communicating with your users is essential. The LMS allows you to communicate with your users, including your students, tutors and assessors, through email, bulk emails and SMS. Easily create as many templates for bulk emails, letters or certificates as you need. This will save you time as it allows you to adapt and reuse content for communicating with different user groups.


A versatile assessment centre

Axone facilitates assessment at a very high level of quality assurance. The LMS allows internal and external verification of course exams and assignments, and provides a detailed guide for assessors to conform to. It enables you to add sufficiency descriptors to the different assessment sections to ensure assessor uniformity and standardisation is met. Additionally it allows both internal and external verification of exams and assignments. In a course, students are not limited to one upload per module – they can upload new versions of their assignments and all previous versions are kept available for both the student as well as the assessors to access and consult.

A dynamic grading system

The LMS provides a dynamic grading system including automated notifications to assessors, students and when applicable, to internal verifiers. Besides the traditional pass or fail grading type, Axone also allows you to create your own grading type according to the specific needs of the course or module.


Issuing course certificates

Axone facilitates the last and most satisfying part of your training course – issuing certificates to your students. It allows you to design personalised certificates and create as many certificate templates as you need. This will save you time as you can adapt and reuse the templates for different groups of participants.

Try It For Free

Experience a change in the way you organise training courses. Book a demo and try Axone LMS for free, no installation required.

Simple Pricing Packages

  • Plan A

  • 1.49/ month
    • or € 15 Yearly per active user
    • 1 to 300 users (min 50 users)

  • Plan B

  • 1.39/ month
    • or €14 Yearly per active user
    • 301 to 750 users

  • Plan C

  • 1.29/ month
    • or €13 Yearly per active user
    • 751 + users

Our packages have been designed to give you thousands in value for just a small, predictable yearly fee. The fees cover the licensing, pay per active user, the one-time setup, training to administer Axone, instructional manuals and videos for tutors and students, support and maintenance, storage and Cloud data backups. There are no hidden costs and what’s best is that you get a free 45 day trial.